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Become a DUKE Energy Drinks Brand Ambassador

We like Brand Ambassadors, our ambassadors are a big part of the DUKE Family. You might be the perfect person to join our brand ambassador program. It’s ideal for people who love the DUKE brand just as much as we do and at the same time you can get your friends special discounts on our products and you can earn commission for helping to grow the DUKE brand.

• What do I do as a Brand Ambassador? Apart from continuing to be passionate about the DUKE brand and promoting it in a positive way on your social media channels and/or website, you only need to share your custom affiliate link (you can find it in your Affiliate account dashboard). Every time your code is used by someone to place an order, a commission will be added to your account.

• How much of a Discount Will My Network Get? We don’t have a single discount code for everyone, instead we work with our Brand Ambassadors to create specific discount codes for different occasions/campaigns that work for everyone.

• So What’s in it for me? We offer our Brand Ambassadors a flat 10% commission on sales value placed through their personal affiliate link.

• What Are Some Other Benefits Of Becoming An Ambassador? We always look to our brand ambassadors first when other opportunities arise for photo shoots, blog contributions or events. These opportunities may be paid and involve additional free clothes/products but are up to our discretion and must be discussed with us ahead of time.

• How Do I get paid my Brand Ambassador Sales Commissions? All commissions are paid to our ambassadors via PayPal (we may under agreed terms and at our discretion, offer to make alternative payment arrangements). We will endeavour to process commissions on a monthly basis. This is subject to your account having a minimum amount of €20 earned. If you have not been paid your commission please do not hesitate to email us at and we will resolve any issues there may be.

• How Can I Join The Ambassador Program? When you click the join the ambassador program button below you will be taken to a signup form. Upon completion of the application, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the application (as indicated on this page). Please do not submit an application if you do not agree.


You must complete the affiliate brand ambassador application form in it’s entirety in order to submit an application. Once we have received the application it will be reviewed by our marketing team and they can, at their sole discretion and without reason, approve or decline an application.

YOU MUST check your email account for updates on your application or email us at

If accepted, you will receive an access link by email (the email address provided by you during the application process, it is therefore important to provide a valid and accessible email address) to log in to your ambassador affiliate account where you can check on your commission earned, update your details and most importantly find your affiliate link that you MUST use when sharing and promoting our website as this link is how we track sales you generate. DUKE Marketing cannot be held responsible or liable for any commissions not earned due to affiliate links not being used or incorrect links being shared and promoted by affiliate brand ambassadors.

Please note: The terms & conditions of this program can be modified at any time at our sole discretion. Check back regularly for updates.

Become a Brand Ambassador
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